Wednesday, June 29, 2005

What the heck is Mezdeke?

by Dani (well sort of)

It sounds like a good name for an appetizer, and I've been thoroughly perplexed by the term since I first heard someone say that "this song sounds like Mezdeke." The
mystery was solved by the lovely Kat who informed me that:

Mezdeke, the group, isn't a something, it's a someone.

Specifically it's a troupe of dancers from Turkey (notice I didn't say "Turkish Dancers"). This group, and I think it's a trio, the only video of theirs I have is a trio, always performs in the little face veils -- chiffony things that match their costumes. They are mentioned in an article by Jasmin's Jahlal and are pictured on most of the Mezdeke CDs/Videos.

I didn't call them "Turkish dancers," because, although they are ethnic Turks, their CDs and videos contain mostly music that I would consider pan-Arabic, evenly strongly Egyptian, and their dancing seems (to my eye ) to reflect this. The video I have has written on it in one corner "Misir Danslaria." Now I know "Misir" or "Misur" is one of the words for "Egypt" so I'm guessing this says "Egyptian dancing" or "Egyptian dancers" or something similar.

The article referred to earlier is found here:

Thanks Kat!


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